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Classification and use of copper terminals

Plug-in copper terminal block Copper terminals

Today, the application of copper terminals is very extensive, mainly because this product is mainly used as a connector in the industry to make some electrical connections.

   For example, when there is time between two wires, it is necessary to make a short connection, that is, sometimes it needs to be connected. If the time is up and need to be disconnected, if we use some welding or other winding to connect them together, Connecting and disconnecting each time you need this is a bit of a hassle, so you will use the copper terminal block. This product is very convenient and fast. But the variety of this product on the market is very diverse, let me explain to you the classification of this copper terminal.

   The first type is a plug-in copper terminal block, which is mainly formed by two plug-in parts. One part is used to press the wire and the other part is used for connection. The product designed in this way is very reliable in connection and ensures The product can be connected stably for a long time, and this design can ensure that the product is used correctly. It can adopt different plug-in connection methods and is the most popular concentrated terminal type in the market today.

   The second type is the fence type copper terminal block. The application of this product is generally used in the high voltage environment. Especially in some high current places, it is especially widely used, which can achieve very good safety, reliability and effectiveness. Connection.

Copper terminal block

   The third spring-type copper terminal is a new type of copper terminal, mainly using spring-like devices. It is mainly used in some engineering and industrial industries such as lighting, elevators and instruments. The meter is very frequently used this product.

   The fourth type is a relatively common copper terminal block, which is a track type copper terminal block. This terminal is designed to be different from other terminals. The crimping process and unique thread self-locking are adopted. Design, this design makes the overall appearance of the terminal very beautiful and neat, and the use is very safe and reliable, in the application process, can be combined with various accessories to achieve a variety of different functions.

   The fifth type is the H-type through-wall copper terminal block. This product is mainly made of high-quality high-conductivity metal materials. The screw connection technology is used in the design process, mainly in places where it is necessary to penetrate the wall. In some electrical control cabinet equipment, there is no need to use some extra work, so that the H-type through-wall copper terminal block can be installed firmly, and some isolation boards can be equipped to expand the creepage distance, which has a certain degree of protection. It is also very good in terms of insulation properties. Customers only need to wire the product and then put the product into operation.

   The above is the use of some copper terminals and some classifications. I will introduce you to the five kinds of copper terminals, all of which are provided by Huaxi Technology. I hope that you can help us understand this product. If you still have If you want to know more about the copper terminal block, you can log in to the website of Huaxi Technology to view the query. I believe it will be very helpful.