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Wiring work and requirements for cold-pressed terminals

Insulated terminal Cold-pressed terminal DC power line

The cold-pressed terminal is also called an insulated terminal. In the technical field, the use and operation of the cold-pressed terminal need to be performed according to certain standards. For example, in the wiring work, the main tools used are: wire cutters or diagonal pliers, wire strippers, crimping tools, screwdrivers, electric soldering irons, hot air blowers (blow heat shrinkable tubes), needle-nosed pliers, plates Hand, tweezers, tape measure. The crimping pliers have pre-insulated end crimping pliers, tubular end crimping pliers, and bare end crimping pliers. The screwdriver is divided into manual, electric and pneumatic; it is divided into crosses according to the shape. The wrench has plum blossoms, openings, and sleeves.

At the same time, when wiring the cold-pressed terminals, the materials applied mainly include: wires, trunking, terminal (cold-pressed terminals), solder wire, heat-shrinkable tube, transparent plastic tube, number tube wiring, and reasonable Pay attention to the separation of strong and weak electricity.

Need to remind everyone that the wire selection of the cold-pressed terminal should be paid more attention when wiring. When not required, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire should not be less than 0.5 square millimeter (safe); the insulated wire should be used without interference (cost saving); the signal wire should be shielded with double-core wire; the wet environment or "TH" "The equipment should be tinned copper core wire; the wire is usually black; the DC power line is brown positive blue, the neutral line is light blue, and the yellow green is ground (heavy color).

So do you know the specific requirements for the quality of the end of the cold-pressed terminal? Under normal circumstances, the material of the cold crimping end should be copper, and the surface must be tinned, tin-lead alloy, silver or nickel; the tube end should not have a pipe joint. Pressure line attention The bare end head indentation must be in the center of the crimping tube and pressed against the pipe joint; the crimped wire joint cannot be bent.

In addition, when the wire core is inserted into the end of the cold-pressed terminal, the phenomenon that the wire breakage or the wire core is exposed and external is not allowed; the inspection requirement is that the pressed wire cannot be pulled with normal force.